Friday, 22 August 2014

6 Shopping Hacks for the Money Concious Fashion Lover

1. Get cash back on purchases.

When purchasing items online instead of purchasing directly through the sellers website, click to the company via a cashback site and you get paid for it. Although it does sound too good to be true, all parties benefit: the referrer gets a commission on your sale from the retailer, the store gets your business and you get cash back on your purchase. Find a list of various cashback sites here.

2.Ask for a discount.

Store managers usually have the ability to give up to a 15% discount on an item at their discretion, so if you're going to ask make sure you're speaking to the manager first! If the item is slightly defective and you believe you could fix it at home, tell the manager you would like to take it if you can have a discount. If you’re too embarrassed to ask for a discount directly, ask about upcoming promotions or sales. Try the line, “I’d love to remain a loyal customer, but I don’t have the budget for this now.”

3. Find out when the best discounts happen.

If you know retail, you know that certain items go on sale during very specific months, as long as you're prepared to wait you'll be sure to bag a deal. For example buying summer items in July and August will lead to massive discounts.

4. Don't buy stuff online straight away.

If you aren't in a hurry to purchase the items, put them in the websites shopping cart and leave them for a few days. Several retailers will email you a coupon code to entice you to go back and spend. It's in no way guaranteed buy doesn't hurt to be patient!

5. Get to the front of the queue for discounts.

Most stores usually do their reductions and mark downs on a certain day of the week. Make friends with someone at the store, and if you're lucky they'll let you in on the day this goes into effect. Armed with this knowledge, you can be the one to come back with a haul of goodies first.

6. Check out the price of items, even after you've bough them.

Almost all stores will refund you the difference if the item you recently bought is reduced, especially if they want to keep you as a customer and maintain a good image. If you bought an item at full retail price and it goes on sale within a certain time period (check individual store policies), you can get the difference refunded. There are several apps available that can keep you alert to prices changes in items you're after and can be useful in this occasion too.

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